Maria Bader-Kubizek

October 11, 1967

Maria Bader-Kubizek lives in Lower Austria. She has three wonderful children. She loves Schubert, because she can see the light in his music even through its deepest sadness. Dvorak's genuine minstrelsy and his pure joy in music fascinate her. She sees Bach as healing power for the world. Maria admires András Schiff for his incredible musical phantasy. Florian Boesch for his soulful Schubert Lieder. In her opinion, Joshua Bell has a deeply touching and wonderful violin sound. Maria loves playing chamber music with inspiring colleagues, early repertoire preferably on original instruments. Her collaboration with the great Swiss stone sculptor Piero Maspoli is pure inspiration for her. She searches for inspiration through improvisation its connections to painting and poetry. Lately she has discovered connections between music and healing. She admires artists who are masterful improvisors (be it through sound or through simple materials), artists who discover new things through their ideas, and people who make her laugh. The Ryoanji Stone Garden in Kyoto (Japan), the Kamptal in Lower Austria and the Atlantic coast in Portugal are some of her favorite spots of the world. All those who put energy into making the world more honest, loving, simple, and bring it closer to nature, are examples for her.