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PAN European Philharmonia

The Pan-European Philharmonia was established in 2008 at the encouragement and initiative of Music Director and Conductor Peter Tiboirs (www.petertiboris.com) of New York City, USA. The administrative leadership of the orchestra is under Executive Director Jakub Fiebig (www.jakubfiebig.com). The inaugural performance of the orchestra occurred as in July 2009 at the International Festival of the Aegean at the historic Apollo Theater (1864) on the idyllic island of Syros.


The Philharmonia’s mission and purpose is to assemble the leading professional musicians from throughout Europe to perform at various festivals and events throughout Europe and to serve also as a recording orchestra for selective labels on an international scale. Collaborations with distinguished guest conductors are an added mission of the orchestra and including world-class solo artists.

The Pan-European Philharmonia combines an international array of distinguished musicians from Poland, Lithuania, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Greece and Spain.

Cooperating with a number of performers, musical and cultural institutions and festivals, The Pan-European Philharmonia has gained a rich experience in performing operatic, symphonic and chamber works.

The orchestra's partners include, among others:



Peter Tiboris, Gianluca Marciano, Guido Mancusi, Uwe Theimer, Rogelio Riojas, Tim Sharp, Earl Rivers, Francis Bardot, Raymond Hughes, Monika Wolinska



Akis Lalousis, Anna Tifu, Antonino Interisano, Benjamin Dawkins, Boris Andrianov, Bradley Trammel, Brent Davis, Carla Dirlikov, Eilana Lappalainen, Filli Georgiadou, Francesca Dego, Frederick Burchinal, Giannis Filias, Israel Lozano, Joseph Brent, Josephine Delledera, Karina Skreszewska-Trapezanidou, Konstantinos Klironomos, Kostis Rassidakis, Marissia Papalexiou, Myrsini Margaritii, Naomi Drucker, Natalia Ushakova, Paul Zachariades, Raul Melo, Reda El Wakil, Richard Block, Russi Nikoff, Shannon DeVine, Stanley Drucker Tassos Apostolou, Theodore Moraitis, Zafiris Koutelieris


Festivals and other partners:

MidAmerica Productions - USA, Festival of the Aegean - Greece, Al Bustan Festival - Lebanon, The Fryderyk Chopin Institute, Polish Embassy in Athens, Polish Embassy in Beirut, Sacromontana Festival - Poland, Universal Music Austria, Pirastro - Germany