Pedrini: Complete Violin Sonatas (2 CDs)

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pmr 0057
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Recording Date: 
11-12 Sep 2006, 7-8 & 12 Jan 2008, 7-9 Jan & 9-10 May 2012
Recording Venue: 
Princeton Theological Seminary
January 2016

Teodorico Pedrini is the only 18th century composer who we know wrote European music in China, where he arrived after an eight year long journey from Italy to the Canary Island, Chile, Mexico, Peru and the Philippines. After his arrival in Beijing in 1711, he worked for the emperors Kangxi, Yongzheng and Qianlong until his death in 1746. Until today, he has been appreciated as one of the most important cultural ambassadors of all time for Western music in Asia.