Françaix: Works for Clarinet

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pmr 0074
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28 May 1995 (1– 4), Sep 1992 (5), 19 Apr 2016 (6 –10)
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Corbett Auditorium, College of Music, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA (1– 4), Aula Cher, Sarnen, Obwalden, Switzerland (5), Alte Kirche Fautenbach, Achern, Germany (6 –10)
October 2016

"I have been a fan of Françaix‘s music since the first time I heard one of his pieces, which was sometime in my youth at the old Kunsthaus in Lucerne," says Dimitri Ashkenazy. "Hans-Rudolf Stalder played his 'Tema con variazioni' [the second piece on this disc] in the version with string orchestra accompaniment. I loved the spirit, the subtle use of harmony, and the humour, but also its introspectiveness."

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