Genzmer: Works for Mixture Trautonium

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pmr 0081
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Konzertsaal KMS Erding, Bavaria, Germany
January 2017

Peter Pichler succeeds in conveying the ambivalent atmosphere of Harald Genzmer’s works in a wonderfully intoxicating way - the hopelessness of utter destruction, yet the euphoria of a new beginning at the eve of a new era. This CD contains mostly unpublished works for mixture trautonium by Harald Genzmer. On this CD Pichler plays two unpublished post war sonatas for mixture trautonium and piano from 1949 on his original reproduction mixture trautonium als well as the composer’s first piece for trautonium from 1935. Genzmer himself always had a very pragmatic approach to his compositions. He wanted them to be played live! Therefore Pichler also edited Genzmer’s concerto for mixture trautonium and symphony orchestra from 1952 and distilled the essence of this piece. Now it can be performed live with smaller orchestra and mixture trautonium. In 1958 Genzmer recorded the „Suite des Danses pour Instruments Électroniques“, his first purely electronic piece, with Oskar Sala via multi-track recording. Originally both artists wanted this composition to be a trautonium trio, which they could not perform at the time. No notation exists for this piece. Peter Pichler edited this composition and is now able to play it live.

Bass-Solo in F Major, GeWV 429 (1938)
Capriccio Trautonico, GeWV 428 (1935)
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